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My Newest I ask to my Fan's:

To my fans out their  I have question: "What's the reason why has the water depleted?" Our water in the ocean has drew back.  Vapor water, distilled water, Oxygenated water, and the rain has become such an issue and a choice. 
I come to the forefront of the hydration my skin has been kissed for many years since birth, and as I become older; cracked dry skin has shown. I question "Is it knowledge?"  "Is it my decisions?"  "Is It the scientist who dish out these experiments and say "try our hygienically enhanced oils to hydrate the skin". "Exactly!"  With back lash of "it's not our problem if our product/your dry skinn hasn't been normal/the same in your day". The ozone has depleted and subsided just like a mother's milk as a baby nessled, suckled to her breast. Subsided just as the days has become long, the time has been cut short; As day light savings time is in tune with the thinning of attitudes just as our ozone layer. "What the fuck is going on?; when our skinn is parched and dry with no hydration of our ocean's water to heal us?"  "Exactly!"   

OMG Precisely.

To My Fans Stay Alive, Live Life, Long life.
~Mizz Red

Also, Big Up's to the few who supported me through Spring 2016 this past year, also currently Vocational. I look Forward with ambition and my will to get back to what I like the best, bug my professors with questionable theory about the most questionable concern Sr. Thomas Hobbs and The English Muffin...Lol (Fact but True) Read about Sr. Thomas Hobbs.

Over time I hope you'll enjoy my current and past memories again with me and please don't be scared to sign or re-sign my GuestBook.
You'll be published and I'll have a good time reading you're comments about my work. It makes me happy and feel good that theirs support, and friends who are into poetry, spoken word, music, and creativity.

Don't forget if you have time to check out my other pages of Poetry, Photos, and Performances Just wait Audio to come when I figure out this Blog.... 

Thanks for stopping by
Teren Harris
~Mizz Red~


His Love Watches Over Me.....
The essence of his presence is with me at all times, 
I cannot deny the goodness that he has done for me. 
He watches over me like a night,  pitch Black stars gleeming like eyes watching over me. Never missing a single moment of my struggle. I am very thankful, Never ungrateful in jubilation. God watches over me and I know he loves his child. Please keep me in your good grace and love. Please bless Me.

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