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Chrystal Timmons

Hey mommie I'm really proud of you. i love your pics and the hair you know that my thang. But keep up the good work and keep your head up. Stay prayed up and be safe.


Hi Teren-- Great to connect with you again! Your web site is a great surprise--it really looks professional and is a great introduction for you. Keep up the good work!

Tammie Harris

Thank you Ms Teren for the invite to your website. I definitely will continue to support and lift you up...beautiful work!!!!!!!


Hey girl I really really love your poetry and your words. Your an inspiration to all young women keep doing your thang, and may God continue to Bless you.

Greg green

Keep up the good work

Jenifer, Woodroe Place

Hello Teren! Just stopping by your page to let you know that I am incredibly proud of you for this site and you poetry site! You are a very sweet and intellectual individual, I hope the very best for you and your dreams!

Geo Music For The Soul

we must do a show or two


Great Poetry; definitely touches from the heart to the heart.


Nice blog and poets . Very good pictures of you and you have a really nice smile. Let me know when you aresinging and were so one day I can see you sing. Does not say on your blog what type of music you like to say your blog what type music you like to sing. I think I have seen you before but just can't remember be YMCA in San francisc. Centra YMCA . Happy holidays to you and good luck for the new year 2014.

Mizz Red... Intro
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